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What our top LISTENERS are saying

First of all, I love Callie and listening to her podcast is like having a conversation with her. Each podcast has something applicable, no matter the subject she is speaking about. Callie always has something practical to say, so it takes her podcast to the next level. Not only does she speak truth, but she makes it easy to apply this truth.


Challenging, inspiring, truth-filled, and WISE - Callie brings clarity and purpose with each episode. Not only is this a podcast with high-quality audio and effects, but also high-quality content! Callie encourages listeners to dig deep into some of life's toughest challenges, & attack each with purpose and intentionality. This podcast will not only motivate you to live life on purpose, but will also leave you with powerful truths, inevitably making you the best version "you" can be. Thank you for working so hard & bringing powerful content, Callie! The world needs this podcast.


I love that Callie Shares with her whole heart. She asks questions and gives ideas on how to about and do something with it. Her topics have been right on point with where I am at in life. I like to listen as I walk the dogs around the block. Short and full of REAL truth.


Episode #30 – Making Decisions When You Don’t Clearly Hear God with Manda Carpenter

Life Changing Points: God gives us freewill, so there is freedom in choosing Sometimes we have to peel back all the hard layers in order to experience the abundant fruit When we release and trust God, we experience freedom What You’ll Gain: In today’s Episode, Callie...

Episode #29 – Surrendering Leads To Freedom

Life Changing Points: When your grip is so tight on one thing, there is no way your hand is ready to receive anything else. Stop carrying weight that you were never meant to carry. No wonder it’s a struggle. When you understand how to surrender, a new mindset and life...

Episode #28 – How To Be a godly Woman In Today’s Culture

Life Changing Points: Become more Christ-centered is not ugly, it’s pure beauty Proverbs 31 has been misunderstood, when you read in a practical sense, it removes the pressure to perform.  Living in the way God instructs lead to freedom, enjoyment, and a fulfilled...

Episode #27 – Embracing The Messy Life with Jenn Jewell

Life Changing Points: God meets us in our messes and doesn’t expect us to figure it out. He likes the mess. A messy situation doesn’t define our life, but it does have the power to shape the women we are becoming. Having faith and saying “yes” to the different things...

Episode #26 – Practical Tips For Breaking Bad Habits & Addictions

Life Changing Points: Until we understand the grace of God and truly accept it, we won’t move forward from our addictions We have to make the bad habits hard to access and the good habits of piece of cake to access if we want to change. Until you own where you are,...

Episode #25 – Financial + Adulthood Tips To Help You Thrive Not Just Survive

  Life Changing Points: Your mindset will hold you back until you learn to humble yourself. Until you are aware of the lies you’re believing about your life, you will be stuck. When we set a plan in place and stay humble, then you can execute.  God doesn’t...

Episode # 24 – Are You A Negative Person? How To Start Being More Positive

Life Changing Points: Your health is affected by the state of your attitude and positivity What you constantly fill yourself up with is what will overflow from you Positivity is not natural, we all have to retrain ourselves to live a more positive life What You’ll...

Episode # 23 – How To Know If You’re A People Pleaser – You Could Be Ruining Your Life

Life Changing Points: True love isn’t running around doing what everyone else wants you to do. We call that “people pleasing” You have to know your calling in life so you don’t get confused with the calling everyone else is trying to put upon you What if Jesus would...

Episode #22 – How To Successfully Achieve Your Vision

  Life Changing Points:  A vision, goal, or dream will not accidentally take place. It must have a clear plan that carries the vision to the end. The same way there is a school system that carries an individual to the day of graduation, there too must be a plan for...

Episode #19 – The Perfect Comeback In An Argument

Life Changing Points: Just because someone else is wrong in their behavior, doesn’t mean we have to be. Jesus was falsely accused of so many things he never did, but he was able to remain calm because he knew that he was right before God. He...

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